keep your mouth shut and just live well!

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I used to play college hoop.  Granted it was D-III, but don’t get it twisted, okay?  We competed.

I never could stand the trash talkers.  To me, it was something you did when you didn’t have any talent to show… not able to “back it up,” as some would say.  Now it was D-III, but still… with me at 120 lbs and 5’7 (really 5’6, but keep that to yourself), I was typically one of the smallest on the court.  And as a result, a very often recipient of trash talking.

I would keep my mouth shut and just play.  And as the game went on, they would see that my skinny-ass arms actually had some stroke.

Okay, it’s Friday evening and I’ve already had some wine.  But still, this is what came to me when I saw this awesome new design from Loud & Obnoxious.  I love it.  Keep that Chad Ocho Cinco stuff to yourself and let your talents and work ethic speak for themselves.

I’m such a sucker for great typography.

Get “Living Well” via Loud & Obnoxious for $22.

Don't be selfish. Share the goods.

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