Colus Launches with Six Designs

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Colus, which is a self-titled designer label run by artist and animator Colus Havenga, recently released six new tee designs, which you will see all share a similar look and feel.

Black and white only. No convention, crafted without trend, colour or design stunts to hide behind, this collection tries to stay in its humblest form of design where negative space is as important as the art itself. Colus explores themes from morality to mortality with bold, contrast rich works with a symbolic tone leaving questions unanswered.

The new designs include “Even Kings Fall,” “Live By The Sword,” “Antagonism,” “We Are What We Do,” “Stuck In The Headlights” and “Wise Owl.”

All of the tees are available for $30 via Colus. Plus, Colus has generously hooked us up with an exclusive permanent coupon code good for 10% off. Use discount code ILOVEIMSS10 to take advantage of the deal.

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