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IronSea Co. Vintage Deadstock Collection Lookbook

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Great googly-moogly. The new Vintage Deadstock Collection from IronSea Co. is sweet. Features five camp-caps made from 1960’s to 1980’s era fabrics. They’re all produced in extremely limited numbers (we’re talking 10 to 15 pieces each limited) and made in the USA.

Available now via Iron Sea Co.
ironsea1 ironsea2 ironsea3 ironsea4 ironsea5 ironsea6 ironsea7 ironsea9 ironsea10 ironsea8 ironsea12ironsea11

Brixton Spring 2013

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The Spring 2013 Collection from Brixton is here. Check out their Lookbook video and selected Lookbook images below. Orders can be made via Brixton or at Karmaloop (where you can use “rep” code INMYSHORTSLEEVE for 10-20% off your order.)

Staple Spring 2013 Teaser & Lookbook

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Throughout this week, Staple first released a teaser video to give a peek at their Spring 2013 Collection, then dropped the entire Lookbook to showcase all the new goods, and now, everything is available in exchange for a swipe of your credit card.

Check out the video and Lookbook below. Orders can be made via Reed Space.
staple_spring_2013_9 staple_spring_2013_1 staple_spring_2013_2 staple_spring_2013_3 staple_spring_2013_4 staple_spring_2013_5 staple_spring_2013_6 staple_spring_2013_7 staple_spring_2013_8

Introducing: Heresy Label

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I was recently put on to the UK’s Heresy Label, which currently offers a handful of beanies, a couple of 5-Panels, a few tees (including one raglan) and a crewneck sweater.

Heresy is run by friends Dominic Owen and Jasper Dunk, who are both committed to offering handmade goods with their print-based label. Everything is printed in-house and produced in limited numbers.

Orders can be made via Heresy.heresy_label_1 heresy_label_11 heresy_label_10 heresy_label_8 heresy_label_7 heresy_label_6 heresy_label_5 heresy_label_4 heresy_label_3 heresy_label_2

New 5-Panels from Jiberish

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Jiberish just dropped a collection of three 5-Panels as part of their Spring/Summer 2013 Delivery 1 release. As of now, they’re available for pre-order and will ship out in March. They can be ordered via Jiberish.jiberish_5panel jiberish_5panel_1 jiberish_5panel_3 jiberish_5panel_2

Profound Aesthetic Spring 2013 “League of Champions”

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Profound Aesthetic dropped their Spring 2013 League of Champions Collection, which is inspired by the look and eel of vintage baseball uniforms. You’ll find leather vests, sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, raglan tees and of course, new headwear selections.

Everything is available now via Profound Aesthetic and at Karmaloop (where you can use “rep” code INMYSHORTSLEEVE to take 10-20% off your order).profound_aesthetic_spring_2013_33 (more…)

Publish Spring/Summer 2013

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Publish Brand has unleashed its Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, which has been tagged Artisans United and features tees, button-down shirts, light jackets, shorts and their ever-so-popular pants and headwear selections.

Available now via Publish.publish_spring_summer_2013_1 publish_spring_summer_2013_3 publish_spring_summer_2013_5 publish_spring_summer_2013_4 publish_spring_summer_2013_2

New Spring Camp Caps from The Ampal Creative

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LA’s The Ampal Creative presents a small collection of three camp caps as part of their Spring 2013 release. The Seven Seas III Camp hat features a rugged khaki twill upper and Seven Seas print brim. The Augusta II Camp hat is made from deadstock rose print and lined in a premium blue and white striped woven cotton. The Reverse II Camp is the camp version of last summer’s Reverse snap back with a contrast brown wool brim.

Available now via The Ampal Creative.the_ampal_creative_spring_2013_hats_1 the_ampal_creative_spring_2013_hats_3 the_ampal_creative_spring_2013_hats_2 the_ampal_creative_spring_2013_hats_4

Akomplice Valentine’s QuickStrike

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Akomplice has released a limited edition Valentine‘s capsule collection that consists of a 5-Panel cap and three distinct pocket tees. The hat is limited to 65 pieces.

The custom designed box of assorted chocolates goes to whoever is their 10th customer.

Available now via Akomplice.akomplice_valentines_quickstrike_1 akomplice_valentines_quickstrike_2 akomplice_valentines_quickstrike_3 akomplice_valentines_quickstrike_4 akomplice_valentines_quickstrike_5 akomplice_valentines_quickstrike_6 akomplice_valentines_quickstrike_7akomplice_valentines_quickstrike_8

Poler “PS Hat”

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Poler presents their PS Hat, which is made of 100% wool in the United States. It comes in an array of colors, including brown, charcoal and red.

Available for $48 via Poler.poler_ps_hat_1 poler_ps_hat_3 poler_ps_hat_2

S.O.O.N. : An Introduction

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S.O.O.N. released the first video in a series they will be releasing about their new clothing brand. The first is an introduction to the theme behind the line, which is to celebrate the passion and capabilities of independent artists. S.O.O.N. stands for “Something Out of Nothing.” An appropriate title that correlates nicely with their theme. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on the team from S.O.O.N.

How great is their Purple D.I.Y. or D.I.E. pom beanie (shown below)?

Muttonhead Autumn/Winter 2013

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Ah yeah! Loving the new Autumn/Winter 2013 drop from Canada’s Muttonhead. Per usual, all of their garments are meant to be unisex. The Collection is tagged The Great Exploration and in it you’ll find 5-Panels, beanies, jackets, pants, button-downs, flannels and sweaters.

Orders can be made via Muttonhead. muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_1 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_18 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_17 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_16 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_15 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_14 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_13 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_12 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_11 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_10 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_9 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_8 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_7 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_6 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_5 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_4 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_3 muttonhead_autumn_winter_2013_2

Entree Lifestyle “Vintage Flag” 5-Panel

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Entree Lifestyle presents their new Vintage Flag 5-Panel cap, which features the stripes on khaki fabric on the side panels and star-covered front panel and tops on navy fabric. At the back you’ll find a leather closing strap. At front is a leather rhombus-shaped stitching of the Entree Lifestyle logo.

Available for $38 via Entree Lifestyle.entree_lifestyle_vintage_flag_5_panel_1 entree_lifestyle_vintage_flag_5_panel_4 entree_lifestyle_vintage_flag_5_panel_3 entree_lifestyle_vintage_flag_5_panel_2

Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2013 Women’s Lookbook

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Recently, we featured the Video Lookbook of Carhartt WIP‘s Women’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Today, we take a look at their official Photo Lookbook, which gives a little better look at what they have coming for next season. I wish it was earlier to get your hands on Carhartt WIP goods in the United States.carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_29 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_28 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_27 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_26 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_25 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_24 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_23 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_22 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_21 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_20 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_19 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_18 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_17 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_16 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_15 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_14 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_13 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_12 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_11 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_10 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_9 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_8 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_7 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_6 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_5 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_4 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_3 carhartt_wip_spring_summer_2013_2

Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2013 Women’s Video Lookbook

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Carhartt WIP gives us a peek at their upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 Collection with their new Preview Video Lookbook. You’ll be able to take a gander at their upcoming tees, button-downs, jackets and beanies.